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Night Life & Events

Heineken Regatta 2022

It is on the island of St. Martin that the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet for eternity. Nature is always right, man has followed in its footsteps, by organizing on this blessed land of the gods, an annual Regatta. This major event has been bringing together sailing enthusiasts from all over the world for several decades: the Heineken Regatta, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary!

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Nature & Beaches

Discover Philipsburg Shopping Center

The island of St. Martin is famous for its beautiful coves and idyllic beaches with turquoise seas. It is renowned for its water activities and gastronomic delights. But the island of Sint Maarten is also famous for its shops at unbeatable prices.

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Nature & Beaches

Top Free Activities in Sint Maarten

The first attraction of the island of Sint Maarten is, of course, its geographical location. Many coves in both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are ideal places to enjoy idyllic beaches, where the air temperature is about the same as the sea temperature. But there are other free activities available to visitors. Here are the Top 5!

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Nature & Beaches

5 Hidden spots in Saint Martin

The island of Saint-Martin or Sint Maarten, depending on both sides of the island, is also nicknamed the "Friendly Island", thanks to its vibrant nightlife and the warm welcome of the inhabitants. The fame of the Caribbean pearl has also been built on its most prestigious brand name shops and of course on its idyllic beaches, with its fine sand and turquoise waters.

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Nature & Beaches

Top 10 Beaches of Saint Martin

Saint Martin or Sint Maarten? These two parts of the same island, one of French and the other of Dutch culture, add to the attraction and charm of this Caribbean destination and cosmopolitan island. But the first reason to visit this pearl of the Caribbean is the presence of heavenly beaches.

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Sport & Hiking

Top 5 Scuba Diving Spots

The magnificent island with two nationalities, French in Saint-Martin and Dutch in Sint Maarten, presents the same face: a dream place nestled in the middle of the Caribbean whose landscapes are idyllic in every way.

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Sport & Hiking

Outdoor activities & Hiking

The beautifully preserved seabed allows you to contemplate marvelous corals and multicolored marine species. Waves of the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean allow you to swim in translucent waters with an average temperature of 26°C.

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Tourism in Sint Maarten, discover our magazine

Sint Maarten/Saint Martin is a little gem of paradise that you can discover in our dedicated blog. You will be able to discover the island as you have never seen it before. You will also learn more about its heritage, both culinary and cultural. We have listed the various historical places that cannot be ignored, the most beautiful beaches on the island, the places that offer a breathtaking view and many activities that you can enjoy throughout your stay. In a few clicks, travel to the heart of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin thanks to the different sections of our blog. 

  • Nature & Beaches : Discover the culture and richness of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, beaches, historic places and more.

  • Sport & Hiking : Discover the must-see places of the island and how to get there.

  • Gastronomy : Found out about the best restaurants of the island.

  • Nightlife & Events : discover all the latest news and all the events that animate Sint Maarten/Saint Martin throughout the year.

  • Useful Informations: All the information you need to know before coming to the island

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