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Looking for a Car Rental at Grand Case Airport, St Maarten (SXM)?

Planning your next vacation to the magical island of St Maarten and looking for a car rental at Grand Case airport? Make your trip stress free and save hours of worry by renting a car with Europcar Grand Case in advance or directly at our Grand Case Airport location. We are located just a few minutes away from the airport on Route de Esperance Saint-Martin Road. Just follow the directions on our map or ask around, we are hard to miss!

We have the right vehicle for everyone, provide 24/7 support, and offer a variety of cars rental from economy, sedan, SUV & 4WD, compact cars, and vans to make your time on the island as carefree as possible. To make sure you get the best deals, book a car in advance, and let us help you make the most of your vacation in St Maarten (SXM). Still have more questions? Check out our list of most frequently asked questions. Let us answer them!


 What should I keep in mind when booking a rental car in Grand Case airport, St Maarten?

While booking a rental car in Grand Case, please make sure you review the type of car you are booking, most of the cars we  Europcar Grand Case rent are automatics and come with air-conditioning so you should be good to go. We also offer various protections and options for you to choose from. These include third party liability, child seat for infants, toddlers, and a booster seat. For a little extra charge, you can also add an additional driver. If you are a young driver, you can opt for young driver insurance as well. Also make sure to check out the cancellation insurance option in case you decide to cancel the trip last minute. Additionally, don't forget to review the driving age requirements, and also whether the final price includes roadside service and unlimited mileage.

What clients want to know most about car rental at Grand Case airport, St Maarten ?

1/ How can I rent a car in advance to pick up at Grand Case Airport, St Maarten?

Renting a car to pickup in advance at our Grand Case airport, St Maarten location is extremely easy. If you speak English please directly contact our local Agency +1 721-543-5270 or by email on our contact page. Our team will be able to assist you . If you have working knowledge of French just go to , choose the location for pickup from the dropdown menu, select a date and time for pickup and drop off from the calendar and click on the, "book" option to proceed. On the next page, you can choose the rental car of your liking based on size, price, and insurance add-ons. Once done, we ask you to add your personal details, review everything for accuracy and you are all set to go! Renting a car with Europcar at Grand Case ensures that you have excellent 24/7 support, save time, and get the right size of vehicle you need for you, friends & family!

2/ What are some of the most affordable car rental companies at Grand Case airport, St Maarten?

Grand case airport has multiple car rental companies that offer a variety of options for visitors. However Europcar Grand Case is one of the leader in St. Maarten and will provide you the best car rental for your stay.

3/ How far from the airport are the car rental agencies located at Grand Case, St Maarten?

You will find major car rental agencies located within the walking distance or 2 minutes driving from the arrival area at Grand Case. Some car rental agencies such as Europcar Grand Case also offers free of charge shuttle to locations for the car pickup.

4/ Can I travel by using public transportation or taxi from Grand Case

While you can travel by using taxis or public transportation, having your own rental car saves you a lot of time on the friendly island. You can also visit places that are not easily accessible by public transportation. Price for car rental in St Maarten is relatively low in comparison to other Caribbean countries. 



A/ What is the typical cost of renting an economy vehicle at Grand Case airport, St Maarten?

Prices for economy vehicles at Grand Case airport can vary between agencies and can depend on the season ( high or low) or the time of your booking : last minute or in advance. An economy car can comfortably accommodate a small group. Please check ahead of time to see what offers and deals fit your needs the most. Whether renting for a day or a week, enjoying SXM by car is the best option because it allows you the freedom to explore both the French and Dutch sides of the island. 

B/ Are SUV cars easily available at car rental agencies in Grand Case, St Maarten? 

Most car rental agencies in Grand Case, St Maarten and Europcar Grand Case will have SUV cars in their fleet selection. SUV cars are a perfect solution for families to explore every inch and corner of the island.

C/ Are there areas where SUV or 4X4 cars are needed in St Maarten?

Roads in St Maarten are generally in good condition but if you plan to go to unexplored nature, you will benefit from renting an SUV for comfort! 

D/ How are the road conditions and fuel prices in St Maarten?

Roads are generally well maintained but are comparatively narrower than in the US. You may encounter some traffic jams on main roads, especially ones leading to the international airport and Simpson Bay area. There are several gas stations that operate at all hours and fuel prices can differ based on the side of the island.

E / Is there a specific vehicle that's most popular to rent at Grand Case airport, St Maarten?

Economy cars tend to be the most popular vehicle to rent at Grand Case! However in addition to economy car rentals Europcar Grand Case also has luxury, saloon and 4WDs cars. All our vehicles are automatic with air cond.

F/ Is it hard to find an economy car rental in Grand Case due to high demand?

Economy cars are high in demand but their prices may fluctuate based on the season, so we suggest you book your car rental beforehand!

G / Even if I pick up the car at Grand Case, can I still travel easily to the Dutch side?

Getting between the Dutch and French sides is pretty easy. It will take you about 30-50 minutes to travel between both sides. Having your own car comes in handy and allows you to visit as many tourist sites, beaches, shopping centers, and the  island's hidden spots as you like. 

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A/ What should I bring with me when picking up the rental car?

Please bring a valid driver's license, a form of identity such as a passport, and credit card with you on the day of your pick up. Having these details ready will help you move quickly through the process. 

B/ Do car rentals require a reservation before arrival to pick up a car in Grand Case, St Maarten?

While we encourage you to have a reservation before your arrival at Europcar Grand Case, it is not mandatory. You can select and pick up a car without a reservation after your arrival at Europcar Grand Case, St Maarten. 

C/ What are some of the most popular international car rental agencies with great deals at Grand Case?

While there are multiple car rental agencies operating around Grand Case Airport, Europcar Grand Case especially take pride in our great deals and excellent customer service. We are recognized as an international brand with great reviews. Europcar's consistent 4.8 rating on google speaks volumes to how our customers view us. Extremely professional, fast, hospitable, organized, modern, and clean are some of the many adjectives that our customers use to describe our service.  Let our customer testimonials convince you why  Europcar Grand Case provides the best car rental experience at St Maarten (SXM). 


A/ How many locations Europcar has in St Maarten?

We currently have two physical locations in St Maarten: Grand Case and Simpson Bay at Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM). We also provide car pickup at Marigot ferry terminal. 

B / Are there specific opening and closing hours for car rental agencies at Grand Case airport? 

Opening time for Europcar Grand Case is from 7am - 6pm. If you need to arrange for a time outside of these hours, please reach out to our customer service via phone at +590 590 77 67 67 or at our email address . We can discuss your updated requirements including location. We are here to provide you with utmost customer service and would love to help you in any way we can.

We understand that flying to a new country can be stressful. Let Europcar Grand Case helps you by taking part of the worry away by starting your trip with a flawless car rental experience. By selecting us as your car rental partner, you not only get amazing deals on great cars and save time, but also access unmatched customer service. Our car rental service guarantees that you enjoy the island to the fullest and leave with nothing but good memories.

 We work relentlessly to make sure your car pickup experience at our Grand case location is fast and uncomplicated. So what are you waiting for? Book your flight and beautiful hotel or resort you have been dreaming of and while you’re at it, make sure to use Europcar Grand Case car rental service without hesitation and save yourself the hassle! We look forward to providing a seamless experience that will remove unnecessary complications from your itinerary.

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