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Discover Saint Martin/Sint Marteen top 10 beaches

Renting a car from Grand Case airport allows you to drive around the most beautiful shores in the world. From the wildest to the most lively, from the most family-oriented to the most festive, from those offering water activities to those more conducive to relaxation and idleness, here are our top 10 beaches of Saint Martin & Sint Maarten.

1- Mullet Bay

Mullet Bay beach can be reached by road through the golf course in about 20 minutes from Marigot and half an hour from Philipsburg. On this 485 m long white sandy bay, it is possible to find bars and restaurants, to enjoy the sun on a deckchair in the natural shade of some palm trees or umbrellas rented on site.


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Mullet Bay is an excellent place for skimboarding when conditions are good enough. A large public car park at the main entrance of the beach allows you to park your rental car.

2- Plum Bay

Plum Bay beach is 20 minutes from Marigot, and about 40 minutes from Philipsburg via Sandy Ground. To get there, you will have to enter the private and guarded area of the Lowlands. No problem to get in, you only need to tell the guards at the entrance that you want to go to the beach. The beach is 1,130 m long, offering visitors a haven of peace.


© Credit source : It's the ideal place for snorkeling and board sports in swell weather. You can also admire the luxury villas from the beach. It is said that a president of the United States owns a house there... There are no restaurant services, nor deckchair rentals on site. There is a small parking lot located near the beach where you can park if you come with a rental car.

3- Baie rouge

Taking the same route by car, you can reach the Baie Rouge beach, which is located a quarter of an hour from Marigot, and half an hour from Philipsburg. Find there 1,400 meters of fine sand border translucent waters in a dream setting.


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These shores are only dedicated to swimming or snorkeling, without any services or parking. You must, therefore, park on the side of the road leading to the bay.

4- Orient Bay

The shortest route by car from Philipsburg is to take the road through Quartier d'Orléans to get to Orient Bay, in just under half an hour. From Marigot, it takes only twenty minutes, via the national highway. A small air of Saint-Tropez gives Mediterranean colors to this bay, which is equipped with all the infrastructures.


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Bars, restaurants, and even hotels offer their services for a stay combining relaxation and water sports. It is also a paradise for naturists, especially in the southern part. The bay is made up of several beaches, each with dedicated parking spaces.

5- Maho Bay

Maho Bay is reached by road from the airport in a quarter of an hour's drive from Marigot, and less than half an hour from the Dutch part. The airport is indeed the attraction of the place, as the planes landing there literally brush the heads of the people on the beach


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There are few natural shades, but umbrellas and deckchairs are available for hire. A food and beverage service, the famous Sunset Beach Bar is also installed on these 320 meters of the bay. No water sports in this place bordering the airstrips. You can park in the car park near the Sunset Beach Bar. If you consume in this bar-restaurant, have your parking ticket stamped to get out for free.

6- Simpson Bay

Close to Maho Beach, Simpson Bay is on the same road to drive on. Bordering the Princess Juliana Airport runway, the beach is nevertheless quieter, as it is not in the landing axis of the planes.


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On the two kilometers of white sand, all facilities are available. You can reach the beach via various lanes among the houses, or by taking advantage of the two main beach hotels-restaurants: Karakter and Mary's Boon. The sunset is beautiful here!

7- The small beach and the main beach of Grand Case

Less than twenty minutes from Marigot, and about half an hour via Quartier d'Orléans from Philipsburg, you can reach this charming little cove less than 200 m long.


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It is the ideal place to swim, enjoy the pleasures of water sports, and snorkel the seabed on the right side of the beach. No services are missing, including the main car park in the town of Grand Case, 950 m away.

8- Baie Longue

Your car rental at the Grand Case airport allows you to drive straight to Baie Longue, which you reach in over half an hour via Marigot, Sandy Ground, and then Baie Nettlé. Baie Longue is located as Baie aux prunes (N°2) inside the Terres Basses district.


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Transparent water and fine sandy beaches make this place an enchantment. However, the luxurious hotel complex La Samanna located in the heart of this Eden is the only infrastructure.

9- Friar's Bay

Ten short minutes by car are enough to connect Marigot de Friar's Bay by the rue de Hollande. It takes twenty more to come from Philipsburg.


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There are two ways to get there, either a few meters after the Grand Case multisport stadium or before the Cool Heure Soir restaurant, by taking the main access road indicated by a sign "Friar's Bay - Anse des pères". You can find bars and restaurants, deckchairs and umbrellas are available for hire, as well as kayaks.

10- Nettlé Bay, Lagoon side

The same travel times as for Friar's Bay are necessary to reach this beautiful quiet bay with white sand, via Sandy Ground. Restaurants, bars, and water activities are available, but no deckchair hire. Palm trees act as natural parasols. No parking is available unless you use the Mercure Hotel parking lot.

The correct answer to the question asked at the beginning is Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten. All beaches compete in charm and beauty. It is even recommended to visit as many of them as possible, each one having its specificities. Knowing that there are more than thirty of them, renting a car is more than recommended. However, be careful not to leave any valuables in your parked car, not to attract covetousness.

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