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Outdoor activities and Hiking in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

Numerous hiking trails lead the enthusiasts along coastal paths or through the green hills. Museums and relics provide an opportunity to get a better understanding of the layout of the area. Duty-free shops are a delight for the inveterate shopper. Zouk, salsa, soca, and reggae are all dances that you can learn the basics of. Fine cosmopolitan cuisine with spicy accents, accompanied by rum-based cocktails are a great way to recharge your batteries before partying the night away in bars and casinos. But there are other things to do, and not the least of them is the unmissable outdoor activities, each of which will leave you with unforgettable memories.


1- Aircraft landing and take-off at Maho Bay!

If you land at the airport of Grand Case l'Espérance, jump in your rental car, direction Maho Bay. Sit on the beach and wait. Expect to experience the most spectacular moment, because here you are at the end of runway 10 of the airport. From the beach, you can see the approaching planes coming, feel them fly overhead (guaranteed to blow your hair out!), and see them immediately land on the short runway. The attraction is so popular that airline arrival times are posted in the bars. A curiosity: the Sunset Beach Bar and Grill even broadcasts on loudspeakers the radio communications between the aircraft cockpit and the control tower!



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On this same runway 10, the planes ready to take off, are also positioned, only a few dozen meters from the beach. You have to be very vigilant because many objects can be pushed by the powerful blast of the engines, and hit the curious. They can also be easily thrown into the water. You must not hold on to the fence in anticipation of a plane taking off, as this is a real danger.

2- Pic Paradis and lottery farm

Do you want to visit a paradise in the heart of paradise? Just take the rue du Pic Paradis to a nature reserve of nameless beauty. On this true sanctuary preserving marvelously flora and fauna, 55 hectares of surface area shelter enough to spend memorable moments devoted to relaxation, leisure, sport, and gastronomy. You can hover in the middle of the canopy, take a hike in the rainforest, or relax by the huge swimming pools, before sitting down to the dishes of a great chef.


3- The Bay of Petites Cayes

For lovers of hiking and wild beaches, there is a must-see: the Froussards path. It leads straight to the bay of Petites Cayes. You can discover a most idyllic, almost deserted beach, whose immaculate white sand is the intermediary between the turquoise blue of the waves and the green hills of a superb brilliance.



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Three small shady corners allow you to rest with your eyes half-closed, to forget all your worries, without missing the slightest element of this fantastic panorama. In this water of pure and perfect clarity, it is very pleasant to play at being pushed by the waves, before strolling along the bay, with your feet treading the fine sand. Be careful, there is no place to eat on the spot, it is thus recommended to bring some food and especially of what to quench your thirst.

4- The Zip Line of Sint Maarten


How can you connect the mountain to the coast in a few time? The easiest solution is to take the Zip Line from Rockland Estates Park to Sint Maarten. How do I get there? Get into your rental car, and drive to 59 Scott Rd in Cul de Sac to discover a unique eco-adventure park. Designed to be part of the island's magnificent natural heritage, the park fulfills its role perfectly. It allows you to better enjoy the environmental assets of this Caribbean Eden. The park's attractions, observation platforms, and chairlifts are built in such a way to preserve the flora and fauna of the surrounding area. Enjoying an exceptional panorama, Rockland Estates offers its visitors a breathtaking view. A ski lift takes you to the highest peak of Sint Maarten, at an altitude of 343 meters for a climb that is already memorable. All along the way, a breathtaking 360° landscape is revealed to the contemplative eyes. The sensation is already very strong. But the best is yet to come, because, at the arrival of the chairlift, a zip line is waiting to take you back to your starting point! The Flying Dutchman. You will indeed have a very realistic impression of flying.


Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten offer their visitors a long catalog of the most diverse and sensational activities to do. There are many of them, but the small size of the island allows you to do as much as possible. The best solution is to book a car at a car rental company before your arrival, and then make as many jumps as you need to get from one destination to another. The coastal road that surrounds the island saves you a lot of time, and you only have a few minutes of driving to do at each stage in a dream setting. Your only concern is not to leave anything of value inside the rental vehicle to fully enjoy your stay.

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