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Car rental with Europcar Marigot, St Maarten (SXM)


Looking for your next car rental agency near Marigot, St Maarten ?Europcar Marigot car rental is here to help. Europcar Marigot is one of the leaders in the car rental industry in SXM offering low car rental prices on vehicles ranging from economy, compact, SUV and 4WD and minivans. Need to rent a car elsewhere on the Island? We got you covered! Check out Europcar's two other locations on both sides of the island: Princess Juliana Airport at Simpson Bay on the St Maarten, Dutch side and Grand Case Airport on the Saint Martin, French side.



With about 10 000 inhabitants, Marigot is the biggest city and the capital of the French side of St. Maarten. Located near the sea, Marigot is easily accessible by ferry, boat or car. Marigot is a charming city where you can visit several historic places such as Fort Saint Louis, Marigot church of 1841, and Marigot market,  open to visitors everyday except on Sundays.

In Marigot market, you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, local products and best deals all year around! If you are hungry, you can also find restaurants or traditional food restaurants such as, “Lolos” that offer the experience of eating delicious local foods. If you are looking for the closest beach in Marigot, head to Galisbay beach (baie de la Potence) near Fort Saint Louis, and get your beach fix instantly. 

Marigot has different districts you can walk to : Agrément, Hameau du Pont, Galisbay, Sandy ground, Saint-james and Bellevue. Pay attention to the architecture of Marigot, and you will see that most houses belong to the colonial era. 


Pre arrival checklist before arriving to Marigot Ferry, St Maarten

Confused about what car rental agency to choose for your upcoming vacation near Marigot, St Maarten (SXM)? Let us answer some of your most pressing questions when renting a car in Marigot, St Maarten: 

A/ What car rental agencies offer the best deals in Marigot, St Maarten?

Europcar Marigot is the leader among car rental agencies in Marigot. We offer plenty of modern vehicles whether you are planning a small trip or a big family vacation in St. Maarten. B/ How can I get a rental car with an agency in Marigot, St Maarten?

To rent a car with an agency in Marigot, St Maarten, please contact Europcar car rental at +590 (590)776767 or Europcar's email address ahead of time. If your pickup area is near the ferry terminal, Europcar’s staff will meet you at the exit. If there is a different location that you have in mind, please don't hesitate to let us know your vehicle and location needs.

C/ What type of vehicle rentals should I consider in Marigot, St Maarten?

Europcar in Marigot, St Maarten offers highly customized car rentals tailored to your needs. We offer the lowest prices on Europcar's modern vehicles in perfect condition, a fast checkout process, and the most unbeatable customer service in the area. Just holler and we will be ready with your dream vehicle in SXM, whether it is an economy car for you and your partner or a minivan or SUV to support your large family or group. 

D/ What pick-up location is the most ideal to rent a car in Marigot, St Maarten?

Europcar car rental has two physical agency locations in St Maarten: Princess Juliana, Simpson Bay on the Dutch Side and Grand Case on the French side of the island. If you are near Marigot, we can arrange a pickup and drop off location based on your preference. Europcar car agency is active near the Marigot ferry terminal but if you have a different location in mind, just let us know and we will be there.

E/ What is the best rental car for a group?

Europcar provides the best rental car for you based on your needs. We rent economy and compact cars that are perfect for a short trip with a small group to SUV & 4WD meant to accommodate a larger group. 

F/ Is the car rental process hard in Marigot, St Maarten?

Europcar will ensure that you will have the best car rental experience on the island. We will be ready for you where you need us, get your personal details as soon as possible, provide you with the most suitable car for you and within minutes, you will be all set to go!

G/ Is it hard to find an automatic car in Marigot, St Maarten? 

Europcar provides automatic cars across all the locations in Marigot, Grand Case, and Princess Juliana Simpson Bay.

Europcar Marigot is the best car rental agency for a seamless experience in St Maarten(SXM).  Europcar makes sure you are in good hands in St Maarten!

Europcar prides itself in providing you with great deals, customer service, and a wide range of modern vehicles to make sure you will not have any trouble when visiting the beautiful island of St Maarten. Europcar’s customer service is ready to serve you wherever you are: Grand Case or Princess Juliana airport at Simpson Bay.

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