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Major events in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

The nightlife of St. Martin's island is plenty of opportunities. After an excellent dinner at the restaurant, it is easy to choose which place to sing and dance to the rhythm of Caribbean sounds. Known as a "Friendly Island", you can have great fun in Saint Martin. A rental car is a must-have if you want to move quickly from one festive place to another. Your rental car will drive you to most idyllic natural sites, which are mostly only a few minutes away from Marigot, the capital of the French side of the island. Let's discover all must-see events in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten.

1- The carnival on the French side of Saint Martin, and the carnival on the Dutch side

Each part of the island organizes its carnival. The carnival on the French side takes place in February. All the inhabitants gather for the occasion and parade while dancing to the sound of Caribbean rhythms, in magnificent shimmering costumes. Parades take place in the center of the French capital, Marigot. Competitions of Miss Carnival, for adults, and Miss Pitchounette, for children, punctuate the parades. The Carnival party continues until the end of the night, to the sound of reggae and zouk concerts. On Mardi Gras, the parade is a must-see on the Grand Case side. The next day, it turns into a spectacular parade of black and white costumes, for Ash Wednesday.

On Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of the island, the carnival usually begins in mid-April and ends a few days after the end of Queen Beatrix's reign, in the Netherlands on 30 April. A large colorful parade takes place in the streets of the capital Philipsburg, with many concerts, especially in the Carnival Village. Multicolored costumes compete with feathers and rhinestones.


2- The Heineken Regatta  

For more than three decades, this regatta has been taking place at the beginning of March and lasts during a weekend. It brings together sailing fans, from all over the world, to compete against other local fans, in a crazy atmosphere. About two hundred sailboats, of all types of cross, compete there on a race, that is internationally renowned as being of an excellent level!



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Prestigious sailors have already taken part in the Heineken Regatta. They enjoyed the serious atmosphere during the regatta. And they appreciate the relaxing moments at nightfall. During the night, it's time for great parties with calypso, hip-hop, reggae, or soca concerts.

This year, the Heineken Regatta (HK Regatta for friends...) took place from 5 to 8 March 2020.

3- The SXM Festival  

The SXM Festival is the most important Electro festival in the world. It takes place in March, every year, and lasts 5 days and 5 nights, without interruption. House, techno, or underground musicians take turns on the different stages of the festival and create crazy atmospheres. The SXM Festival is very appreciated and fans come from all over the world to attend this extraordinary event.


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The entrance ticket costs about USD433. It is possible to add other entrances tickets to this initial price to attend side events, with the promising names of Jungle Party, Sunrise Party, Boat Party, and a few more.

This year, the SXM Festival took place from March 11th to 15th, 2020, on several sites. For next year, the program can be checked out on the official website.

4- Grand Case Tuesdays  

Every Tuesday evening, from February to April, and from 6 pm to 10 pm, the largest craftsmen's market on Sint Maarten is held.


The main street of Grand Case is then forbidden to cars, to allow walkers to wander between the different stands. During this event, you can taste the local and creole culinary specialties. You can also acquire endearing souvenirs. And you can dance to the rhythm of the live music sounds.

5- Just for fun... I love my ram  

Come and attend the annual and unexpected election of Mister Bouc, which takes place on the first Sunday of July, in the village of Colombier, located in the center of the island. Most beautiful goats of the territory are present. This election reminding us that breeding is still part of the daily life of the people of Saint-Martin. The jury's selection of Mister Bouc is based on various criteria, including the mane, horns, coat, and elegance of each animal. The most friendly goat also gets a prize! One more opportunity to celebrate.

At any time of the year, Saint Martin and Sint Maarten stay always attractive. Between the beautiful landscapes, the rich historical heritage, and the delicious gastronomic tastings, there is still time to celebrate. Don't worry, the size of the island drive you quickly from one place to another, thanks to your rental car. This way you can enjoy all advantages of the Caribbean pearl without worrying. However, never leave anything that can be stolen in the interior of your rented vehicle, as this could spoil the party.

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