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What is the best time to go to Saint-Martin ?

Saint-Martin: when to leave according to the climate of the year?

Saint-Martin, in the Caribbean, has a tropical weather. Consequently, the temperature is relatively stable all year round: between 27° and 32°C approximately. It is very rare that the mercury goes below 20°C! As in many Caribbean islands, these mild temperatures go hand in hand with a division of the year into 2 seasons:

  • The dry season from December to April;

  • The wet season from May to December.

A third time can be considered as an additional season: the cyclone period in Saint-Martin, between July and November. Even if the wet season allows you to enjoy the island, the best period is the dry season, between December and April. The temperature remains very pleasant thanks to the trade winds which blow almost permanently. It is only in July and August that the atmosphere is a bit more stifling because the winds are less felt. If you want to enjoy the beach and water sports in St. Martin, this is a good time to travel to this Lesser Antilles island.


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The water temperature is stable all year round, whether you come during the rainy or the dry season. The 5 most beautiful diving spots of Saint-Martin will amaze you whatever the period: the water offers you a bath at 25°C minimum. When to go to Saint-Martin in the Caribbean? All year round, if the weather and your desire for sun and heavenly beaches are your only criteria!

When to travel to Saint-Martin according to the crowds?

You dream of visiting Saint-Martin, but when should you leave to avoid the tourist crowds that characterize this Caribbean island with its pleasant climate? If you want to limit the crowds on the beaches, you should go to the island between May and June. It is indeed the wet season. However, there is no question of a monsoon or intense rainfall. The showers take place mainly at the end of the day, and are relatively brief.

It is therefore perfectly possible to enjoy beautiful vacation days, even during the wet season, thanks to the tropical characteristics of the climate of St. Martin in the West Indies. You will also benefit from lower prices for accommodation and food, but also for all your activities and leisure on the island. On the other hand, if you want to throw yourself into a festive bath, taste all the dishes and cocktails of the bars and restaurants of the island or multiply the parties and activities, it is better to favor the high tourist season, in other words the dry season. This way you can be sure that all the establishments are open and ready to welcome you. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to partying, relaxing or exploring.


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What are the local events not to be missed in Saint-Martin?

Saint-Martin offers travelers its privileged climate and dreamy landscapes, but that's not all! Many events also punctuate the life of the island. The first of them is certainly the carnival. If it is so atypical, it is because it takes place in the Carnival Village, an open structure in the shape of a semicircle where bars and various stands are gathered as well as a concert stage, exhibition halls and conference rooms. But the carnival is also played out in the streets. The festivities last 3 days, at the beginning of March, and end with the symbolic death of King Vaval. It is also during this period that the Heineken Regatta takes place, a sailing competition around the island. Hundreds of boats and spectators gather during 3 days. The race has become an international event and also gives rise to festivities that make you want to come and enjoy the climate of St. Martin in the West Indies!

If you like to party to music, don't miss the SMX Festival either! The concerts of this festival of electro music from all over the world take place in idyllic landscapes. The dates vary every year but the festival takes place in early spring. While it's still winter in Europe, St. Martin in the Caribbean offers ideal weather to enjoy the party day and night.

And let's not forget Spring break, which takes place between March and April. Spending spring break in St. Maarten can be an exciting and memorable experience

Which season is best to go to Saint-Martin ?

Do you want to discover St. Maarten with your family, and therefore need to book your stay during the school vacations? The island will offer you specific advantages no matter which travel period you choose. The holiday season, with its 28°C temperatures and ambitious decorations, is a unique opportunity to discover this island that blends French, Dutch and American culture. This may be the only time you'll see Santa Claus travel not in a sleigh but on a jet ski! Don't hesitate to rent a family car to go to the different places and discover Sint-Maarten in Christmas with wonderful decorations and animations ! The same festive spirit reigns in the New Year. Spending your winter vacations in the sun has an extra charm when you know that Europe is cold and grey. To mark the spirits, take advantage of the climate of Saint-Martin in the West Indies to spend New Year's Eve on a boat, in the middle of a turquoise sea... Moreover, it is the full dry season, the best time to travel to the Caribbean! For the long vacations, plan to relax on the beach or in the swimming pools of the hotels and luxury villas of Saint-Martin. The trade winds are indeed more discreet. It is also the period when the sea is the warmest: ideal for family swims.

Now that you made your choice to visit Sint-Maarten, we guide you to find the best restaurants of the island !

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