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The quality of Europcar car rental services is recognized around the world. Your Europcar St Maarten agency is perfectly located on Simpson bay 2 mins away from Princess Juliana International Airport. One of our agents will be waiting for you at the terminal exit. A free shuttle service will bring you to our agency where you will pick up your car rental. Within a few minutes you will be all set in order to explore the rest of the friendly island with your car rental.

To get around St. maarten, renting a car is an ideal solution that allows you to explore the amazing beaches of the island, but also to feel the atmosphere of this island known as “ friendly island” .

Europcar St.Maarten is located in either Dutch Side on Simpson Bay close to each international (Princess Juliana International Airport)  and on the French Side close to the regional Airport Grand Case. If needed, you will have the option to pick-up and drop-off your car rental in these two agencies.  


Our Sint Maarten Fleet

Europcar St. Maarten Fleet

Whether it is for your holidays with your family, friends or as a couple, Europcar St. Maarten offers car rentals adapted to all your needs and dreams. We have built our fleet by taking into account all the specifications of the island. In this way, you can take advantage of cars perfectly adapted to the traffic and road conditions of St Maarten.

Compact cars, luxury cars, sedan/saloon cars, SUV & 4x4 cars and even minivans, you can enjoy a wide choice from our car rental fleet. In a few clicks select your ideal vehicle directly online or at our agency near Princess Juliana International Airport. In our fleet you will find models:

  • Compact car rental : reliable vehicles to drive with complete peace of mind

  • SUV / 4x4 car rental: Our preferred choice if you want to explore the wildness of St Maarten nature

  • Minivan / minibus car rental: A solution suitable for the whole family or a group of friends

  • Economy car rental: A city car perfect for tackling the urban environment

  • Luxury car rental: Vehicles designed to please you and offer you incomparable comfort and experience.

All our car rental has air cond and have an automated gear.


1/ Why renting a car in St. Maarten ?

Renting a car in St Maarten is without a doubt the best solution for quickly getting around the island. You are completely independent during your stay and you do not depend on the schedules imposed by public transport, nor on the distance limits achievable during the day with bicycles in particular.

2/ Why renting with Europcar St. Maarten ?

Thanks to Europcar, you can enjoy your stay in St Maarten without having to worry about the difficulties of mobility with our cheap car rental services. Whether you are passing through St Maarten for your vacation, or for your professional activity, you will find the car that will suit your needs.

3/ For how long should I rent a car in St. Maarten ?

It will depend your lenght stay. During your holidays you will need several days to explore  all the famous tourist spots on the island. You will find beaches, museums, natural parks, shopping centers/malls, restaurants and so many other activities.

4/ How are the roads in St Maarten ?

St Maarten has a well maintained and relatively efficient road network that allows quick access to any location. Most roads are accessible to any type of vehicle, however, there are paths reserved for 4x4 / SUV type vehicles. However, it is important to note that the roads in St. Maarten can be quite narrow and winding in some areas

5/ I am coming with my family in St. Maarten, which car should I rent ?

For family trips, a large minivan type vehicle will be the best solution. Indeed, you will have space to store all your luggage, but also for your children who will be able to spend a most comfortable trip so as not to endure long journeys. 

6/ How do they drive in St. Maarten ?

In St. Maarten, people drive on the right-hand side of the road, as is typical in most of North and South America. It is also worth noting that there are many roundabouts in St. Maarten, which can be confusing for those who are not familiar with them.

7/ What is the speed limit in St. Maarten?

The speed limits in St. Maarten vary depending on the type of road and location. In general, the speed limits are btween 40Km/h ( 25mph) to 80Km/h (50mph). There are no car radars but there is frequent police control. It is therefore important to pay attention to the speed limit signs all around the friendly island and follow all traffic law and regulations


When going on holiday or for a business trip on the island of St Maarten, using our car rental services is suggested. All our cars are efficient and designed to travel everywhere on the island and move around places in SXM. All cars in our fleet will allow you to move around the island and visit tourist attraction sites in a comfortable and easy way. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and full of adventure. Having a car that you can use at anytime and anywhere is the best decision you can make. St Maarten offers excellent amenities and has many nice beaches you can visit using any of our cars. You will have the choice in our fleet to have cars with different sizes, options and colors. If you need a bigger car, just ask to one of our front desk agent he will be happy to assist you. Your satisfaction is our goal.


Europcar St. Maarten has an agreement with the top cars manufacturers in the world. Therefore, we are in the best position to provide you with recent cars models. The cars available for rent come with modern design and top vehicle gadgets. Your holidays will be comfortable inside our Europcar car! We often renew our cars and our fleet has an average of six months old.

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