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What to do in Saint-Martin in the Caribbean?

What to do in Saint-Martin in the Caribbean by the sea?

Saint-Martin is above all a maritime destination. The island has 70 km of coastline and dozens of beaches where you can enjoy a moment of idleness or multiply your water activities.

Observe the maritime fauna

If you are wondering what to see in Saint-Martin in the Caribbean, the first answer is undoubtedly to look for the sea. The waters of the island are indeed rich in numerous animal species, protected by the nature reserve of Saint-Martin, where they evolve in a sanctuary zone since 1998. You will have the pleasure of observing the dance of male humpback whales looking for females between December and April, as well as dolphins that come to play at the bow of the boats. Cetaceans are particularly visible in the area:

  • From the Creole rock;

  • From the islet of Tintamarre;

  • From the islet of Scrub;

  • From Anguilla.

A snorkeling session at Coconut Grove, Happy Bay or Caye Verte will also allow you to observe leopard rays, yellow gorettes, sergeant majors, butterfly fish, morays and many other fascinating creatures! Get off the beaten track by exploring the neighboring islets

It's not your first visit to the island and you're wondering what to do in St. Martin to vary the pleasures? Take the boat for a short 4 km trip to the islet of Tintamarre! There you will discover the remains of a small limestone quarry from the beginning of the 20th century or an air base. The islet has indeed counted up to 150 inhabitants! Today, it is part of the nature reserve of Saint-Martin and is no longer inhabited. It is an excellent destination if you are looking for a wild getaway. Equally heavenly, Islet Pinel offers private beaches and dining establishments. Take a kayak, the islet is very close to the coast!

Discover the hole of David

Impressive but shallow, the hole of David is a geological curiosity not to be missed when the sun is shining but also when the sea is rough. In the first case, you will have the opportunity to make wonderful diving sessions. In the second case, you will witness the wonderful spectacle of water that seems to bubble in a pot! Easily accessible, David's Hole is located on the west side of the island.

How to enjoy Saint-Martin without going to the sea?

If the turquoise sea and the white sand are assets of which one does not get tired, perhaps you seek what to see in Saint-Martin in the Caribbean which changes you environment? Don't worry, there are several choices available to you!

The butterfly farm

In a tropical garden of 900 m2, the butterfly farm houses hundreds of specimens. The variety of their shapes and colors makes it an attraction that appeals to children and adults alike. The farm reveals all about the evolution of the butterfly and each stage of its development. You will also see exotic caterpillars and chrysalises. The tour is conducted in a relaxing atmosphere with soft music playing in the background. Take the wheel of your rental car and drive to Embouchure Bay: the Butterfly Farm awaits you for a moment of pure wonder!

The Lottery Farm

Former sugar cane plantation closed after the abolition of slavery, the Loterie Farm offers various activities:

  • Accrobranche ;

  • Swimming ;

  • Restoration ;

  • Walks...

One more little piece of paradise to add to the list of all those who wonder what to do in St. Martin in the West Indies!


© Credit source : Europcar


Tropical, the island of Saint-Martin offers paradisiacal lagoons but also a forest full of life and many hiking trails. The most famous is certainly the one that goes up to the top of the Paradis Peak, the highest point of the island at 424 meters. If you choose the pedestrian solution, you will have the opportunity to meet iguanas, butterflies or monkeys. It takes about 3 hours to walk from the base of the peak, or 15 minutes from the parking lot. From the top, the view extends over the wooded valleys of the island as well as the turquoise of the sea. A walk to add to your top 5 hikes on Saint-Martin! Connecting Anse Marcel to the beach of Grandes Cayes, the Froussards trail is also a must, which takes you through a virgin forest while offering splendid panoramas on the coastline. On the Dutch side of the island, Naked Boy Hill is a walk that can be done with the whole family thanks to its easy access. Of course, don't forget to walk around the islets Tintamarre and Pinel in order not to miss anything of their fauna, their flora and their beaches!

What to do in Saint-Martin: cultural visits

Sint Maarten also has a unique atmosphere and history, providing opportunities for the whole family to discover.

The border obelisk

St. Martin is an island with dual nationality, both French and Dutch. However, the border is discreet. When you drive your rental car, all you'll see are a few welcome signs and an obelisk erected in 1948 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the partition of the island on the Mont des Accords, whose borders were drawn from... a race between a French and a Dutch runner who each started from one end of the island!

The Saint-Jean plantation

Now in ruins, the former sugar plantation of St. John reminds anyone looking for something to visit in St. Martin of the island's slave-owning past. It can be visited freely and you will recognize a large two-story mill that was operated with the help of pack animals, a sugar mill, and a purgerie-guildiverie. It is one of the major historical vestiges of the island, as it operated for more than a century, until the abolition of slavery in 1848.

Participating in major international events on the island

As small as it is, the French-Dutch island of St. Martin is the scene of international events. The island has an undeniable sense of celebration and offers 3 major festivals each year, in addition to its carnival, which has the particularity of being celebrated twice: on the French side, and on the Dutch side!

The SXM festival

This is no less than one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. Taking place over 5 days and as many nights, the SXM Festival gathers thousands of festival-goers in an idyllic setting. Its line-up impresses as much as its decorations, which also have the advantage of favoring an ecological design based on recycled materials and solar energy. Several stages allow participants to discover different sites of the island while partying until the end of the night. The festival takes place every year in March.

The Heineken Regatta

Organized every year for more than 30 years, the Heineken regatta is a sailing race which has the particularity of combining a good-natured atmosphere with high-level competition. Placed under the sign of beer, this regatta is also animated by concerts in the evening, with an atmosphere rather turned towards reggae, jazz or soca

Lov3 Days

A newcomer to the number of festivals that animate the island and will delight those who are looking for something to do in St. Maarten in the Caribbean to relax, Lov3 Days is an Afro-Caribbean music festival aimed primarily at attracting a young audience. Its first edition took place in June 2022!


© Credit source : @Lov3 Days (Europcar partner)

Discover the gastronomy of St. Martin

Between the market and the many restaurants that dot the island, sampling the gastronomic specialties is definitely on the to-do list of anyone looking for something to do in St. Martin in the Caribbean!

The market of Marigot

What to do in St. Martin in the Caribbean to fully immerse yourself in the Caribbean atmosphere? Visit the market in Marigot, the capital of the French part of the island! Local fruits, vegetables, spices and fish create a mosaic of scents and colors that will not fail to enchant you. You will find products to start yourself in the St. Martinese cuisine as well as typical dishes prepared on demand to be taken away. Clothes and accessories are also present, as well as handcrafted creations: enough to blend in with the local fashion or bring back gifts from your trip! The market takes place every day except Sunday.

Enjoy the diversity of restaurants

On St. Martin, you will also find many choice restaurants, from the most refined to the most popular. Some of them specialize in seafood, such as L'Atelier, whose menu is based on the catch of the day. Fancy some sushi in the heart of the West Indies? Cross the border and go to Bamboo, a must for Japanese food lovers. As for Jax Steakhouse, it plunges you into a vintage American atmosphere. You prefer to enjoy the Caribbean culinary culture? Opt for the lolos, these small cheap restaurants offering dishes around the barbecue. The open kitchen, the relaxed and warm atmosphere encourage people to meet and enjoy the Caribbean way of life!


Discover Philipsbur St. Maarten !

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