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Visit St. Maarten to experience nightlife in the Caribbean!

Keep the fun going after spending a day at the beach by joining thousands of other fun-loving people at some of the best local clubs, bars, casinos, and lounges in St Maarten. The island offers a variety of afterhours options for everyone, whether it is a night-long nonstop party or a casual drink in a cozy pub with family and friends. Don't let the logistics stop you from having the most memorable time on the island.

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Looking for top things to do in St. Maarten after dark? Let us get you started on a wild adventure!

Along with offering great experiences and tours during the daytime, St Maarten also comes alive at night in full force! St. Maarten is home to top-notch discos, bars, casinos, clubs, restaurants, and hotels that offer something for everyone's liking. Whether you are a techno lover, a live Rock and Roll fan, a classic Reggae admirer, a diehard Latin music romantic, or a casino enthusiast, we can assure you will have the best time of your life in St Maarten! 

Does St. Maarten have good nightlife?

😁St. Maarten's nightlife is a once in a lifetime experience that is definitely a must for anyone visiting the Island. Dance to international beats at some of the most famous clubs and bars in St Maarten such as Lotus Nightclub, Lagoonies Bistro & Bar in Simpson Bay, Mykonos, WE Lounge, The Refuge, and Soggy Dollar Bar or stop by at The Red Piano SXM, Nowhere Special, or the Hole in the Wall to serenade yourself in the best live music on the island. We recommend reading the reviews of places ahead of time to find the bands, DJs, or events to meet your needs for the night! Check out Europcar's list of major events in St Maarten!

Which side of St. Maarten is more fun?

Most of the clubs, discos, and lounges are located on the Dutch side of St Maarten, attracting the majority of the party lovers and casino goers.  Here you will find some of the best live music venues, vibrant casinos, restaurants, popping clubs, and discos with like minded people looking to dance the night away! Saint Martin, on the French side is much better for a calmer and cozier experience!

What is the drinking age in St. Maarten?

🍸The drinking age in St Maarten is 18 in alignment with the French and Dutch drinking age given the dual nation status of the Island. Drink responsibly! 

How expensive are the clubs in St. Maarten?

The cost of entry to clubs, bars, and lounges varies from place to place but we can assure that no matter what your budget is, you will find something for yourself. As for the drinks, on average you can expect to spend anywhere from 12-20 dollars per drink.

Are there beach parties in St. Maarten?

🏖️​ Yes, definitely! There are tons of beach bars in St Maarten hosting multiple beach parties during the week. Check out beach bars such as the Boon Beach, Tortuga Beach Bar, Buccaneer Beach Bar, Kalatua Beach Restaurant, Rusty Rocket, Da Waterhole, Rainbow Cafe, and Captain Frenchy’s to spend your night dancing to the sounds of Caribbean waves!


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What areas of St. Maarten are great for nightlife?

Areas known for great nightlife in St Maarten include Simpson Bay for late night parties, Maho beach for sunsets and dinner, Marigot and Grand Case for French cuisine with live music, and Philipsburg for quaint bars such as the Juggie's Place.

What nightlife options are available on the French side, in Saint Martin?

Saint Martin, the French side, is known for a cozier, calmer, and smaller high-end restaurant and bar experience. Don't forget to catch sunsets at the Grand Case Beach Club's Sunset Cafe or grab a cocktail at Blue Martini Grand Case if you are on the French side of the Island.

 What are the top casinos in St. Maarten worth visiting?

A top destination for casinos lovers, St Maarten is also known as the small Las Vegas of the Caribbean. Some of the popular casinos on the island include Princess Casino, Hollywood Casino, The Westin Dawn Beach, Coliseum Princess Casino, Casino Royale, and the Marina Resort Casino.


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With its warm climate and beaches, friendly vibes, delicious food, and great nightlife, St. Maarten is an unbeatable destination for anyone looking to have the best time of their life! Partner with Europcar to plan the most exciting adventure of your lifetime. 

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