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Third Party Liability Cover Insurance

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Third party liability: $10.00/day

Third party liability is a car rental insurance that covers the cost of damage to someone else’s car plus any compensation costs for injuries caused the other person (third party). It’s an insurance cover whose policy is subscribed by the insured (first party) from the insurance company (second party) and protects against claims of another person (third party). It can also cover you when you cause damage to someone else’s property. In other words, TPL insurance is a car rental cover that covers the damages caused to anyone or anything apart from you and the car rental as well. If an unfortunate event occurs, the damages done to another car, the passengers inside or a person’s property will be covered. If you want to feel serene during the period of your car rental in Sint Maarten, you should consider subscribing to this car rental cover. If you do decide to take the TPL car rental insurance, you will be covered for any harm done to third parties through the rental car company’s insurance up to the policy limits.

TPL insurance will help you prepare for your journey in Sint Maarten with peace of mind and relieve any stress you might have during your car rental. All you need to worry about is to enjoy your time on the Island and savor the moments of your holiday.

It is important for Europcar to make sure that your car rental in Sint Maarten goes well. This is why, we offer the TPL insurance cover so you can be protected during your holiday or business trip on the Island.

This car rental insurance can cover expenses such as:

  • The cost of third-party injury like hospital care for example

  • The cost of fixing any harm done to someone’s property like a fence for example

  • Repairs to the other person’s car when an accident has happened However, please note that TPL car rental insurance does not cover:

  • The damage to your rental car

  • The damages or loss of any important objects that are part of the rented car (like keys for example)

  • The passenger that was inside the rented vehicle if he/she was harmed

  • If the car was stolen

Basically, this car rental insurance does not cover anything related to damages done to the car that has been rented. For more guidance, please consult the general terms and conditions.

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